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I think of you and I think about the good times we've had. On that vacation when it was like we were bestest of friends or something. On that vacation when i had my first physical activity wit ha boy-> only the minor stuff. I'm sorry I've never leaned against a boy for so long, that I've never laid my head on a guys leg, that I've never been hugged or even that close to a guy for so long like I was with you. To you, it might not mean anything, but to me- it means a lot.
And I'm sorry I think of you like I do to these couple other guys, okay? I'M SORRY!! I know you may not care and I know you may think I might be like the others, but this is new to me-  someone who lives in the shadows and who isn't like a normal teen AT ALL. OKAY?
I've never expierenced anything like this and this has been the time where my heart is broken and I'm looking for someone to repair it. You did that for me that one week and then you just started to fade away. And I didn't want that to happen. I wan
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 1 2
I want to cry
I want to cry
But I don't know why.
Might it be the frustration?
From being the most athletic I can be
From my 10 year-old brother acting 2
Or from my relationship with my mother
I want to cry
But I don't know why
Is it the heartache?
From wanting to be held
And told everything is okay
When it's not.
I want to cry
But I don't know why
I need to know fast
I feel that I will explode
From the terrible blast
I want to cry
But I don't know why
Am I suppose to?
Or am I not seeing
reality for myself?
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 4 2
All It Takes...
It's summer and your away from him
He has a facebook and is your friend
You talk to him for hours and hours on
Ask him for his phone #, but 'gotta go'
Now you miss his voice not only he himself
And cant stop thinking about him as always
All it takes
Is not the loneliness and urge
But his name [right there]
For your heart to ache
"All it takes is his name for your heart to ache"
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 0 0
meh sittin by Dani-Kataang meh sittin :icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 2 4 meh 2 by Dani-Kataang meh 2 :icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 1 0
this is soooo twisted...
Mommy cam home one day and was red on the face. She slammed her stuff down, tears streming from her eyes. Mommy was crying again. I asked what was wrong this time and she said the usual and not to worry; so I didn't. Almost every night she would come home crying. Mommy then went upstairs and locked her bedroom door. She took a boxcutter razor blade and cut her wrists twice on each side. She would always do that. Then she cut again and again and again, deeper each time, 'till her forearm was completely covered in cuts. Blood poured and pured out as if it was trying to escape prison. Mommy had cut open an artery in her arm. I would usually hear screaming when she'd come home crying, but I didn't this time. I got scared. I went to go get the key to her bedroom door and unlocked it. That's when I saw all that blood and froze. It was normal to see a little puddle of blood, but this was about twenty puddles full; twenty big puddles, a couple inches deep, of blood. I then look at moomy's face
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 1 2
drew this in english by Dani-Kataang drew this in english :icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 1 0 Toph34kataang12  -me- by Dani-Kataang Toph34kataang12 -me- :icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 1 4
another short story 2
  Once we were inside his house, I put my things in his room while he picked out a movie for us to watch.
  "Is... Marley & Me alright?" H esaid as I came down the steps.
  "Sure! Haven't watched it yet."
  "Ok. Let me get it all set up. Want some popcorn?"
  "Yeah. Where is it? I'll make some for us." I headed towards the kitchen to get the popcorn popped.
  "It's in the cupboard by the stove."
  So as I got the popcorn opped, he got the movie set up. Once that was done, we both sat next to each other on the couch and watched the movie.
  Now I don't mean sitting next to each other like a person sitting a couple inches from you, I mean sitting next to each other as in shoulders- even our heads- touching.
  When we were about half way through the movie, he started to make some moves. He first put his arm around me, his had holding on to the far side of my waist. Then, I layed my head down in his l
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 0 0
Two Favorite Things-Muisc+Math
Music is like another language
Different notes, tones, and sounds.
Math is as hard to learn as spanish
Complicated problems, terms, and such.
Music is as soothing as a message
Peaceful and wonderous.
Then it's as loud as a washer
Hard rock, metal, and more.
Math is like everything else
Formulas for problems and certain ways to do things.
Math is like life
With ups and downs and turn-arounds.
Music is like another language.
Math is like one too.
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 0 0
another short story-continuing
  As everyone went home, he and I were the only ones left. It was raining ao we stopped inside and stood by the door. he was finally alone, with me- no one around or in sight. Perfect! But what was I going to say? I honestly hated akward silence.
  "So..." That was the only thing i could think ofso far. Yeah, go genius me.
  "You moving after next year?" I said. I honestly wanted to know when he might move.
   "Maybe. By then, if I don't, it's prbably too late. Why not finish high school with only one or two years left, right?"
   Yeah. I guess... That's good to hear too, I don't want to lose a friend." I honestly didn't want to lose a friend let alone my crush. "Do you remember that note I gave you last year?" Yep, I was so going there. I had to get the facts straight.
   "Ok, well-"
   "Look," He interupted," I know I told you I just wanted to be friends at band camp."
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 1 7
I'm contnuing on this II
[WARNING! dont read this if you havent read the first (enough though it is one paragraph)]
   Just as I reached light, that's when it made it's move. The thing took one of it's arms- yes, they were human- and wrapped it around me, swiftly dragging me back into the black darkness. Sadly, no one saw what happened- even though there were thousands of people walking close by. As i got out of its grip and turned around, I realized it was a human after all- it happened to be a woman. She smiled and slowly raised the knife that was in her pale white-skinned hand. Her smile was menicing and there were... fangs. I quickly realized she wasn't a plain old simple human which whom i was facing, but i  was facing a vampire . She had blood dripping off her chin, so she probably feed off of someone before coming after me.
  But why exactly did she have that knife with her anyways? Does she have some type of grudge against me i didnt know and
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 2 3
I'm continuing on this
   I ran down the alleyway to try and reach the end towards light; light to where I can be safe from the dark and monsters. There were many people walking about and a lot of cars zooming past as if they were in a hurry- even though some aren't. He- or it I should say- was just a couple feet away from staabbing that bloody knife into my back- I really think it should have ran up to me and do it already, the suspense was killing me.
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 2 3
Dun know II
     But there was one thing wrong: he wasn't following me. Oh well, at least I can tell the police about him without any fearful obstacles or complications.
     That's when the phone rang. I picked it up and said, "Hello?" I got no reply. As I walked about a couple yards away from the police station, i saw someone move quickly- practically ran- from the alley to a car nearby. I froze. He was following me after all. Damn it! Now what was i suppose to do? Just keep on walking? Call 911? Go after him? What if it was just some kid playing hide-and-seek with his friends? Fear, anguish, and terror ran over me quicker than i thought. Was this seriously for real, or was I just imagining this? Was I alseep and dreaming this nightmare? I scratched my arm as hard as could till it bleed. Nope, this was for real- and boy, that was painfull. Great, just something else for me to worry about.
      Then I had it. I thoug
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 2 6
siriusly dont know what to put
      Then, he sat there. He just sat on the rock like he was there for the sake of the beautiful blue sky. But I knew why he was there. He was the one who took half the town hostage. I wasn't dumb to find out his next victum either. Ever since he got captured, ever since I saw those photos, I knew it was me. Now he was sitting there watching me; watching as he planed on how he'd kill me.
       I didn't want to make it obvious I was trying to get away quickly, so I turned my ringtone on my cellphone and pretended it was a normal phone call. I talked like it was my mom who called me.
       "Hello mom... Yeah, I'm fine... I'm at the park, why?... OK mom, I'll be right there. Bye." I pressed the end button, closed the phone, and headed to the police station incase he followed me.
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 2 3
Valley's Shadow
One normal day
A girl finds herself in a valley.
She sees shadows in the yander
In which she goes to wander.
As she gets closer,
She sees this bright light
Filled with happiness.
The joy of friends and family
Screaming at her to turn back.
She doesn't want to listen
But can' t face the terrible blisten.
She turns back up the mountain
To find herself in a hospital
And not on top soil.
:icondani-kataang:Dani-Kataang 0 0


Moral? by gottaluvthev13 Moral? :icongottaluvthev13:gottaluvthev13 23 21 horsey by kyokatchan horsey :iconkyokatchan:kyokatchan 2 5 Death note contest by momijigirl Death note contest :iconmomijigirl:momijigirl 139 31 L as kira by Namaki L as kira :iconnamaki:Namaki 68 120
Find Your Anti-Self
All over dA, you have ID's, 'Shout it outs,' and Memes all about you, how you've changed, and what you're like. Those are fine and Dandy, and I partake in them from time to time. But, when can I think about the person I'm [glad I'm] not? I wanna think about how lucky I am to have turned out, the way I have!
What is an 'Anti-Self'?
An anti-self is your complete opposite, well, except that they share your gender. They hate your favorites, and love your fears. They say things that bug you, eat things that would turn your stomach. They look like you, but are completely different at the same time. It is like you've stretched someone else's skin over your bones. The only way to know their skin, is to set them free.
What to Do?
Give your Anti-Self life through whatever media of art you'd like, whether it be drawing, painging, writing, sculpting or anything else; it's up to you. Then, tell you friends to show their anti-selves!
This isn't a contest. I've got no right to te
:icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 12 24
Peace out by twinLtwinV Peace out :icontwinltwinv:twinLtwinV 33 5 Meh by sinsorrow Meh :iconsinsorrow:sinsorrow 4 5 Scrabble Gone Nerd by DoofusMaximus Scrabble Gone Nerd :icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 9 23 Incomplete by DoofusMaximus Incomplete :icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 2 13 Lolwut by DoofusMaximus Lolwut :icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 1 5 Guten Tag by DoofusMaximus Guten Tag :icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 3 5 Red the Raccoon Wrangler by DoofusMaximus Red the Raccoon Wrangler :icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 1 2 Putty Wuvs The Bathtub by DoofusMaximus Putty Wuvs The Bathtub :icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 2 0 Aug ID by DoofusMaximus Aug ID :icondoofusmaximus:DoofusMaximus 2 5 why're these 2 pix together, by Go-Devil-Dante why're these 2 pix together, :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 2,674 659
Smoke and Mirrors Poetry Contest
PoetryPlease dug into its archive to come up with a great new contest concept:
:spotlight-left:Smoke & Mirrors:spotlight-right:.
"Smoke and mirrors" refers to a deceptive or inadequate explanation/description of something, the source of the expression being based on a magician's illusion of making objects appear or disappear using mirrors and a confusing burst of smoke.
So, what does any of this have to do with poetry?
We want you to write a poem where the main topic of the poem is cleverly concealed. The point is to write about one thing while you're really talking about another. There should be no obvious hints as to what the real subject is; rather, you should let the imagery speak for itself. There can be subtle hints left throughout the poem, but never should you address the real topic directly. Again: let the imagery speak for itself.
Your poem could be either serious or funny. If we get enough entries, we may divide the judging into serious topics and
:iconpoetryplease:PoetryPlease 45 13



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Favourite cartoon character: zero and L
Personal Quote: Wha? Han?
eh yo. sorry i havent on in a LONG while. Im just too busy with school and other things.

                 and facebook is too adicting too....
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